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While we were in South America, my husband thought I was paying the U.S. phone bill ...and I thought he was paying it. Result: the phone was disconnected. So I call up Verizon and they say we can't get our old number back because it's already in use. First thing I do when we get back, naturally, is call up the old number. It's not in use. So much for the efficiency of Verizon.

On a side note, we went to check out a new restaurant today; the woman there said they were without phone service for two months when they opened because Verizon was on strike. I guess she meant the Verizon workers were on strike. Which I applaud. If it weren't for unions there would be no weekend, and your 10 year old would be doing the morning shift at the local sweatshop.

I proposed to my husband that we call up Verizon and get the old number back, instead of advising everyone of the new number. But he likes the new number. And I like it too. So we're going to keep the new number, because it's [...]
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Does iTunes Get You Any New Fans?

Posted on April 19, 2012 with 1 comment
Here's a gnarly nugget to gnaw on: Does offering digital downloads of your music result in acquiring new fans? Speaking for myself, I usually download one or two songs from an artist I've just been introduced to, and that does it for me. On occasion I download an entire album, and that does it for me. Rarely, if ever, do I become that artist's "fan" in terms of buying more of their products.

As artists, we must ask ourselves what the purpose is of selling our wares. If it's to make money, we have to crunch numbers and see how many units we are actually selling. If it's to make new fans, is that happening? If it is happening, what do we have to sell to the new fans when they show up? If it's to document your music as it evolves over the course of your career, well, that's fine. No worries, you're done.

Maybe we should be reconsidering this whole download thing. It takes a lot of effort, and are we getting the results we want from it?

Back in the days of vinyl, with somewhat [...]
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Wavelength & Frequency, Compared

Posted on April 11, 2012 with 0 comments
Buckminster Fuller said that 99% of what is real can't be seen or touched. This chart http://www.suterry.com/publicfiles/Wavelength_and_Frequency.jpg shows how small the field of visible light is. Surrounding this field are all sorts of invisible energy fields: gamma rays, x rays, infrared and ultraviolet light, microwaves, audio waves and so forth. So it's just like they said in the sixties: "Everything's vibrating, man!" Notice how the length of the wave aspect of all these energies increases as it moves toward the right of the chart. And notice how the FREQUENCY increases as it moves toward the LEFT of the chart. Interesting...

Ranges of Instruments

Posted on April 11, 2012 with 0 comments
At the Hartt masterclass yesterday, I promised students I would post the range chart on my website so it could be downloaded and printed out, and here it is. When you are arranging or composing, it's essential to have an understanding of the ranges of the different instruments and where they overlap. Note also that there is a frequency number corresponding to every piano key. This is very useful when you start examining different temperaments. Actually, the only ones tied to equal temperament are piano players and players of vibes/marimba/glockenspiel etc. All others will naturally use the pure ratios when they are not forced to conform to the tyranny of equal temperament. In the masterclass, we also discussed the fact that we are surrounded by the 60 Hz Bb-B hum of electric motors everywhere we turn. So go home and jam with your refrigerator. http://www.suterry.com/publicfiles/Range_Chart.jpg

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