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Eric Frein: The Real Story Outline: Preface

Posted on September 29, 2014 with 0 comments

You may have seen it on the news: Alleged cop-killer Eric Frein is being hunted by hundreds, maybe thousands of law enforcement and military personnel, and it's happening in my very own neighborhood.  Here's the thing: the cops seem clueless, and the news media are feeding us days-old information over and over again. 

I do not know the Frein family.  I want this to be over, as do all of us residents who are affected by the searches, the lockdowns, the curfews, the roadblocks, the helicopter noise 24/7, the searchlights, etc. 

Since I am a writer, I thought I would provide some new content, in the form of an outline of a WORK OF FICTION.  Disclaimer: Did I mention this is a WORK OF FICTION?

I will post new ideas as they occur to me, until Frein is apprehended or until I am bored, whichever comes first.