Let's enjoy the wonders of nature

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Artist Statement: My name is Sue Terry and I am a professional musician specializing in Jazz and Improvised Music.  I'm also a writer who's published many books and articles on music as well as other topics.  My primary instruments are alto & soprano saxophones; clarinet; flute, and wood/clay flutes.  The martial art of T'ai Chi Chuan is my other passion.  My nickname is 'Sweet Sue', given to me by my mentors Barry Harris, Clifford Jordan, and Junior Cook.   W H A T • Y O U ' R E • S A Y I N G • A B O U T • S U E "Your site is a fountain of Inspiration attached to Information...you bring to the world your dedication and knowledge to share with all those willing to explore...attached to that is your love of life and its mysteries, whose energy surrounds you like a zillion watt bulb. You are truly becoming a Shaman. It's absolutely wonderful to witness and I feel privileged to witness it, and speak on it." --David CasT, musician & producer "You were amazing!  Such clear, transparent, and sophisticated sound!" --Yeva Avakyan, Wash. D.C. "Love your stories, your philosophy, and your wisdom--and even more than that I love your playing." --Jerry Pritchard, Professor Emeritus of Music. California State University, San Bernardino "You really made an impact last Saturday night at Wild Flower. A friend of mine saw you guys and all he could talk about is this female sax player that was 'the best player he has ever heard'! I said, oh that could be none other but Sweet Sue. You go, girl! I told him, just don't piss her off, she is a kung fu master!!!!!"--B.A. Little "It was nice meeting you at Jon and Wendy's party last Saturday. I wish I could have talked with you more, all I remember saying to you was "wow your sax is beautiful." Oh boy! But then when you played I was looking around to see if you were for real or not. All I kept thinking when you were playing was how melodic and musical and emotional you played and how you just slipped into whatever style we played and made it your own. And it was funny because I felt that I could learn how to improve from you just by playing with you." --Deb Schaarschmidt, violinist "Sue - you sounded so great - the band must be paying homage to the goddesses for you with them!   Seriously, what beautiful Sympatico!" --Janet Lawson, vocalist & composer "You were playing like God was next to you." --Ricardo Franck (Ti Plume), guitarist & composer "I was listening again to the CD Bandleader 101, you gave me at Deerhead Inn, on my way back to Pittsburgh after seeing Derwyn. Late-night snow falling in headlights and I kept repeating Mrs. Martin and Terra Incognita as I flew through space. What a great album. And the tuba and Mrs. Martin. Thanks for the trip." --Dick Esterle "My two favorite "Mag" writers are you at Jazz Improv!! and my younger son and his record reviews in DECIBEL magazine. The biggest difference is I have no idea who the groups are in Decibel! So you win." --Ashley Seward, NY "I've listened to Pink Slimy Worm many times and I love it! You are always creative & inventive and your pure tone is a joy to hear. You are truly one of the awesome musicians on the music /jazz scene today. And please add me to your email list."--Barbara Connelly, Off The Cliff Promotions, New York "We first saw you perform at the Jazz Festival 2 years ago, and you blew us away!"--Heather Brann, Pennsylvania "I've been hearing comments for days about you and your music from listeners of KMHD FM. You were a great surprise to many of us who enjoy this music. Like finding a rare jewel that hadn't yet been discovered. Love your music and it's going into KMHD's studio library." --Mary Burlingame, KMHD Radio "Sue I bought your book Practice Like The Pros which is just great, I just ordered Step One playing the Tenor Saxophone from Amazon . . . I have to say you're just brilliant and you come across as a real genuine soul." --James Sullivan, United Kingdom "You are an inspiration." --saxophonist Candace DeBartolo "Your blog is overwhelmingly hip! Continue to do what you want till you are an old master, then start the monastery. Let the young monks make the wine." --composer Derwyn Holder, Califon, NJ "Yeah yeah yeah, SWEET SUE you're happening... sounding great, and I thought that was you singing but knew for sure when I read your note about the band... haha... well you got it woman -- great to hear you!"--vocalist/composer Judi Silvano, New York